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Breast Self Examination Glov
Senso Magic Heater  
Senso Hot & Cool Pak
Tekno-Ice Sheets(Flexible Gel   Ice Sheets)
Free Zel   (Ice Pak)
Ice Pack for Helmet
Breast pads
Tekno-Ice Wrap
Tekno- Mat (First Aid)
Physio-KOLD Instant Cold Compress Pack

We at Senso Medi Systems are manufacturer Exporter of Innovative Healthcare Products for general purpose.

Senso Medi Systems strongly believes in maintaining the highest standards of quality at all levels of operation. Not only are there strict controls at the point of sourcing of materials but also through to the stages of processing, manufacture and final packaging. We are an ISO-9001:2008 company.

With the able support of  technical team together with a team of professionals who are progressively expanding and diversifying the company's business, Senso Medi Systems is poised for a quantum leap forward.

Customer satisfaction principle is first aim of Senso Medi Systems.

Senso products also out of Indian Market and Export to various countries for contributing Indian Economy by preventing the losses of Importing.Some of our products are solely manufactured/ Exported by us in India.

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